Our philosophy is that thorough analysis enables better decision-making. In Georgia this means combining traditional intuitive and judgment-based decision-making with our thorough analysis of the facts to permit better, more informed decisions.

Analysis does not refer to only numerical analysis, although that is a major part of our practice. It also refers to qualitative policy or organizational design analysis.

There are several themes in all our analytic work:

  • Take the overall problem and break it down into more manageable pieces; this applies not only to the problem but also to how we organize our own work to solve the problem
  • Apply the best analytic method to the problem, often for the first time in Georgia; if we have not done something before we will teach ourselves how to apply it in the Georgian context
  • Be very smart about the data that is collected and analyzed; collect the data that is needed but not more and then truly extract all the information that the data contains
  • Identify the root causes of problems and then solve them; we focus on solving the cause, not the symptom
  • Use our analytic imagination when knowledge (facts) and experience (yours and ours) are not sufficient to solve a problem; sometimes we help clients intelligently extend facts into unknown areas
  • Report on results fully