As Georgia is a developing country, there are opportunities for improvement or opportunities for business development in every industry. Some industries are on higher sophistication level then the others; nevertheless, opportunities are everywhere.

TBSC consultants have experience in most of the industries not only in Georgia but in other countries as well. At the same time, consultants closely monitor developments within the sectors to be on top of the developments and identify opportunities for business development for the clients. Insight of TBSC consultants in various industries is as follows:

  • Donor Projects
  • International Financial Institutions (IFI)
  • PVO's and NGO's
Paul R. Clark, President
  • Food And Beverages
  • Financial Institutions
  • Energy And Utilities
Ana papuashvili, Consultant
  • Consumer Goods
  • Tourism And Hospitality
  • Real Estate And Construction
Tengiz Lomitashvili, Managing Consultant
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Industrial Goods
  • Commercial Services