Introduction To The TBSC Consulting Blog

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Welcome to the TBSC Consulting Blog!

As you may know TBSC Consulting is a general management consulting firm in Tbilisi, Georgia. We encourage you to explore our website ( to understand what we do.

Why A Blog?

We started the TBSC Consulting Blog to create a forum for informal conversation about management and business issues in Georgia. As management consultants our “product” is basically advice based on our in-depth experience with management and business issues and detailed analytical work. It might seem odd that we are basically offering our “product” (advice based on our experience) in the form of a (free) blog.

Let us explain.

As successful long-term consultants we are naturally curious about nearly everything management or business related, in Georgia and elsewhere. Obviously most of our work is oriented towards issues of importance to our domestic and foreign clients. Nevertheless, we often find ourselves investigating things that are simply interesting to us. In the past we have not had a good public outlet for the results of our curiosity. The TBSC Consulting Blog will become the distribution channel for the results of our curiosity. The first posting over in the Business Education section of the Blog is an example (Expectations Of New University Graduates About Their First Job).

We also know that we do not connect with all businesses or other organizations that would find our advice and guidance helpful. Through the Blog we hope that some businesses and other organizations will become more familiar with what we do and become our clients.

At the same time, businesses that believe they could never become our client, perhaps due to small size, nevertheless have real management and business issues that would benefit from outside advice. Consequently we have an Open Questions section of the Blog where anyone can post any management or business question and we will do our best to answer it. Where else can you find good and free advice and guidance based on 75 years of international and Georgian business experience?

Administrative Matters

The vitality of the Blog depends greatly on your feedback with comments or questions, so please consider our Blog to be a new high quality resource for advice and guidance on management and business issues. While our postings are typically in English, your comments (and our answers) can be in Georgian as well.

The TBSC Consulting Blog is moderated; we will watch it carefully to ensure that language and opinions remain constructive. We will remove postings that are not suitable. At the start comments can be made without registering. We will keep this policy as long as there are no problems.

At this moment we have four sections: Business Education, Management Issues, Open Questions and Blog Information. We will add sections as the need arises. We plan to start one new subject per week. If you have a suggestion about subjects of sections then please let us know (