Feasibility Studies And Business Plans

Once a market is analyzed, the partner is found and the business concept is defined, more detailed business planning is required. Investment needs to be preceded with careful analysis and planning on various ends of the business. On the market side, the investor needs to define customer segments, estimate and forecast revenue, set pricing policy, elaborate ways to gain a competitive edge and set target market share. On the management side, the investor needs to construct a strong management team with relevant experience. Most important, only detailed estimation of operating and investment costs as well as revenues enables investor to make the right decision on whether or not to invest in a particular endeavor.

TBSC takes a thorough approach in preparing feasibility Studies and Business Plans. This means that we analyze the market, investment and cost sides in great details and then draw the overall picture on a general level. We do not make guesses but rather rely on facts and statistics to draw conclusions. This makes the analysis and final picture credible and defensible in front of clients, investors or other stakeholders.

In addition, we help companies obtain modern technology and know-how from foreign experts and thus construct feasibility studies. Most industries in Georgia lack modern technologies and experience and thus knowledge transfer from developed market is crucial in building successful business. TBSC helps Georgian clients connect to the right experts in various fields and with the consortium of Georgian and Dutch experts work on Feasibility Studies. These are typically 2explore projects, financed by the Dutch government to facilitate transfer of Dutch technology to developing countries.

Please contact to learn more about our practice in Feasibility Studies and Business Plans at TengizL@TBSC.ge