Industry And Company Economics

In an ideal situation one would understand industry and company economics before making a market entry or expansion decision. This understanding would include knowing how costs and revenues really behave in the market. Unfortunately, applying rules of thumb from other markets often leads to incorrect decisions because cost behavior is different or the fundamental basis of competition is different.

TBSC Consulting helps its clients make better informed decisions through a genuine understanding of industry and company economics for a specific industry and (potential) company. For example, will the client’s costs really be equal or below those of competitors? Will the client be able to change the basis of competition from being source of supply constrained to customer satisfaction constrained?

TBSC Consulting combines thorough understanding of industries with an economic bent on behalf of a wide range of clients. Clients include potential investors and existing companies. In all cases we develop knowledge about the industry, the economic forces acting in the industry and then compare those forces to the client’s capabilities. About half the time we conclude the economics are simply not good. We recommend either to not make the investment or to do it differently.

If you are considering investing or expanding in Georgia please speak with us about the economics of your particular industry and company. Often we will have observations at hand based on our ten years of work in Georgia on these types of issues in many industries. Sometimes we will need to develop a customized project for you. Please contact us at