Partner Search

When growing or diversifying markets companies often need partners. Producing companies need distributors and clients, while investors need strategic partners. Having the RIGHT PARTNER is extremely important and not easy to find. Furthermore, due to cultural differences, it is not always easy to enter and develop partnership with foreign companies. Business practices vary from country to country and what works for one may not work for another

TBSC Consulting helps clients identify the RIGHT PARTNERS. We do this for foreign companies seeking local partners in Georgia. At the same time, we help Georgian companies find partners in other countries. Starting from clients and distributors to strategic and financial investors, we help clients identify the right partners in various markets of interest.

Our work starts from market scan to long and short listing and background checks. Furthermore, we act as intermediaries to help clients develop business partnerships. We understand Georgian culture and business practices as well as that in other countries. We know that companies may have different expectations, perceptions and understanding. Therefore, we work very close with clients to help communicate better and ensure that the cooperation starts smoothly.

We do partner search for individual companies as well as for Trade Missions and Business Forums. Our approach to such Missions is to focus on identifying and recruiting the right Georgian companies and matching them carefully to the foreign delegates. We prepare the parties in advance so that the meetings are productive and efficient. Please contact us to learn more about our practice in Partner Search at