Effectiveness Of Marketing Spending

Today in Georgia the competition in some industries lead companies to strongly race in the size of the of marketing budgets.  Consequently, two types of challenges emerge: 1) Challenge for Marketers -  how to wisely distribute their marketing budget across dozens of channels and tens of sub-channels available today and to account for it; 2) Challenge for CEOs and Finance Directors -  to compare alternative costs of investments that go to Marketing to other investments. In other words, what is the return on the investment that company directs towards marketing?

Our product - Study of Effectiveness of Marketing Spending - helps companies to address these challenges successfully. Based on historical data about marketing spending of the company as well as its key marketing KPIs, we establish econometric relationships and develop the complex model which provides answers to the questions for our clients:

  • What is the customer lifetime value (future stream of income from clients) of my company?
  • Which marketing channels have been good at increasing customer lifetime values of my company till today?
  • What isthe relative costs and effectiveness of various marketing chnnels in terms of increasing customer lifetime value?
  • And finally, how to distribute my marketing budget in order to be more efficient - make savings and achieving same with the smaller marketing budget or be more effective - reach more with the current spending?

This product has worked in other countries and Clients have achieved up to 30% savings in marketing spending.