Organization & Right-Sizing

Organization structure matters. It is much more than boxes and lines on an organization chart. Rather, it is making sure that 1) all required functions are properly organized and performed (so that everything important is done as efficiently as possible); 2) that functions not required are either eliminated or outsourced and 3) that the best person is placed in each position.

To the end a properly organized company delivers superior products or services to customers in the most efficient fashion.

Unfortunately few companies can really say they are properly organized or that they are even the right size. This is because the organization structure is usually the result of historical changes that may or not make sense today if one was to start with a blank sheet of paper.

Consequently, managers in many companies would probably admit that the organization needs to be restructured in some fashion. Unfortunately this is very hard to do in practice because the result of restructuring is the changing of responsibilities for (senior) managers and they are usually reluctant to support such efforts.

TBSC consultants have been doing organization and right-sizing work for more than a quarter century. We can bring a variety of methods to the table to solve the organization design problems of most companies.