Performance Benchmarking

As part of our Performance Improvement package, we offer our clients comparative analysis of their operations with the best practices in the industry. We have experience in about 20 industries and are also very well-capable of getting sufficiently familiar to a new one in order to be able to consult our client professionally. Relying on the international network of Larive Group (Dutch consulting group), we are able to get first-hand knowledge about the cutting-edge companies in various fields. Moreover, we have the opportunity to draw upon our other partners.

Consultants compare the performance of the client externally with their competitors’ and that of cutting-edge companies; on the other hand, we compare the performance of each process (under question) to other operations within the firm. The aim is to find the best in business and understand the secret to success – how the processes are managed to lead superior performance. Of course, this does not mean copying but rather understanding and adjusting. When one company is not directly comparable with the best practice, we make assumptions in order to normalize the data.

Our CPT (Certified Performance Technologist; International Society for Performance Improvement) oversees such projects and provides insights based on 30 years of performance improvement experience.