Strategy Formulation & Implementation

For nearly all businesses the competitive landscape is changing. External rules and regulations are changing. New competitors are entering the market with the same or different products. Suppliers are changing as well. Perhaps most important, the company itself is changing in size, sophistication and management style.

In such a situation even the best-run company can suffer from an off-point strategy; what worked well in the past is no longer producing the results owners would like.

Despite the prejudices of many managers, at the highest level of companies there are relatively few differences from industry to industry. Said differently, what needs to be considered from a strategic perspective is about 80 percent the same industry to industry; only 20 percent is industry-specific. Consequently, a review of strategy requires applying strategy principles from many industries (the 80 percent part) to the industry-specific aspects (the 20 percent part).

To the end, there are few company directors that have extensive experience in many industries to bring the 80 percent perspective to the table. However those same directors are very knowledgeable about the 20 percent industry-specific perspective. This is a perfect fit for using outside specialists; this combines the broad multi-industry experience of the consultants with the industry-specific experience of the director.

Nearly all projects undertaken by TBSC are in industries that are new to us; hence our positioning as a general management consulting firm. We deal with issues of concern to the senior managers of companies. As a result, we are well positioned to help companies do a quick assessment of their strategic situation and then recommend additional work if the company strategy should be carefully reevaluated.