Stakeholders Facilitation

Facilitation means enabling members of a group to take part in a process in an effective way. Facilitation process brings together different stakeholders who have an interest in a problem situation and engages them in processes of dialogue and collective learning that can improve innovation, decision-making and action.

Good process design and facilitation must integrate scientific and community perspectives, build the capacity of stakeholders to effectively participate and create a supportive, institutional environment. This requires a solid conceptual understanding, skills and experience.

Our methodology covers the planning, the engagement, the reporting and the response.

  •  We will determine what knowledge you seek from the engagement of the stakeholders: their material concerns; the performance expectations and perceptions associated with their material issues.
  •  We will work with you to identify key stakeholders to engage - these can include colleagues, the investment community, consumers, community groups, and governmental representatives.
  •  We will define the most appropriate channels for engagement, which may include participatory scenario focus groups and workshops, face-to-face in-depth interviews, telephone interviews and online questionnaires.
  •  Our report will identify areas of strength and weakness with recommendations. We highlight activities that can demonstrate best practice, and we include case studies where appropriate.

TBSC consultants have assisted multiple organizations in complex, multi-stakeholder facilitation process.