TBSC at a Glance

TBSC Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm located in Tbilisi, Georgia. TBSC helps organizations make better strategic and tactical decisions by performing detailed analysis needed to support those decisions. Hence our tagline: Better Decisions Through Analysis.

The steady increase in the scope of our services, clients and projects demonstrates the high value of our advisory services to local and international clients.

Over the past ten years, TBSC has helped nearly 100 organizations to make better decisions including the largest Georgian banks, highly diversified Georgian companies, foreign investors, international financial institutions, the Government of Georgia, diplomatic missions, donors and non-governmental organizations.

TBSC’s President and Founder has advised senior managers, boards of directors and supervisory boards in North America and Western, Central and Southeast Europe for more than 25 years. Local staff represent the cream of graduates from Georgian and Western universities and have significant experience of working with Georgian and international clients.

Through a strategic alliance with Larive Group, TBSC successfully bridges the link between local and international companies in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. This way, TBSC not only assists western companies in expanding into the Georgian market, but also helps Georgian companies expand into other markets, find foreign partners and benefit from modern technologies and know-how transfer.

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