A little about me...

Giorgi Ambroladze has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with honors from Tbilisi Free University. Additionally, he has successfully completed his education at the prestigious Komarovi advanced mathematics and physics school. During this time, Giorgi, alongside his accomplished peers from Komarovi, established the pioneering STEM summer camp, generously funded by a prominent Georgian bank.

Before joining TBSC, Giorgi contributed his expertise to TBC Bank, where he undertook the meticulous task of risk analysis. In his senior year, he got accepted into a 3-month training program funded and organized by TBC Bank.

Giorgi started working as a full-time business analyst at TBSC in January 2023. He embarked on a remarkable professional journey as a dedicated full-time business analyst, embracing the exciting opportunities offered by TBSC.

Giorgi is fluent in Georgian (native), English, and has a basic understanding of Swedish (A2 level).