Core Values

Integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm and diligence are central to the TBSC work ethic. Acknowledgment and use of these values sets us apart.

Integrity – we do not seek easy solutions, we seek the RIGHT solutions. We are not oriented on short-term profitability, but rather focus on creating value and opportunities for growth in the long run for our clients and ourselves. We draw a sharp line between information we can share and client proprietary information, which we treat strictly confidential. We respect our clients, partners and people we work with and rightfully demand the same from others. We respect property rights and use licensed tools in our work. And last but not the least, we try our best to contribute to a greener and gender-neutral business environment.

Professionalism – we always speak truth and draw a sharp line between what we can and cannot do for capability, experience or ethical reasons. When appropriate we help our clients find professional advice from others. We respond to the changing world and acknowledge the importance of continuous learning. We reassess our capabilities and seek for opportunities to gain more knowledge and skills through client-work or independent study.

Enthusiasm – no significant work is done without enthusiasm. We believe in what we do and believe that by doing so we help our clients make better decisions, perform better and make positive changes. Our well-founded belief in ourselves drives the enthusiasm and dedication of TBSC team and enhances the product of our work. Our enthusiasm permits us to seek and try every opportunity to achieve the goals and use imagination when the paths are not clear.

Diligence – TBSC staff comes from the old school, where diligence is rewarded with a personal sense of success. We are both zealous and careful in our work. When necessary we are decisive. When necessary we are reflective to understand the nuances. In all cases we say what we will do and then do what we say.


Our philosophy is that thorough analysis enables better decision-making. In Georgia this means combining traditional intuitive and judgment-based decision-making with our thorough analysis of the facts to permit better, more informed decisions.

Analysis does not refer to only numerical analysis, although that is a major part of our practice. It also refers to qualitative policy or organizational design analysis.

There are several themes in all our analytic work:

Take the overall problem and break it down into more manageable pieces; this applies not only to the problem but also to how we organize our own work to solve the problem

Apply the best analytic method to the problem, often for the first time in Georgia; if we have not done something before we will teach ourselves how to apply it in the Georgian context

Be very smart about the data that is collected and analyzed; collect the data that is needed but not more and then truly extract all the information that the data contains

Identify the root causes of problems and then solve them; we focus on solving the cause, not the symptom

Use our analytic imagination when knowledge (facts) and experience (yours and ours) are not sufficient to solve a problem; sometimes we help clients intelligently extend facts into unknown areas

Report on results fully