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Policy research and analysis

On behalf of Government, Projects and private companies we analyze laws, regulations, policies, facts, figures, data and situations at a detail level and then develop conclusions and policy recommendations based on the true situation.


Our Virtual Offices are a cost effective solution for businesses and projects that need to establish a legal or commercial presence in Tbilisi. Our Serviced Executive Office is a perfect solution for those that do not need large office and staff but need a fully equipped office with the support staff where one can work safely and productively.

Market entry and expansion

We help foreign and local companies enter and expand in the Georgian market. We also help local companies enter foreign markets. Starting from investment assessment to project management, we help clients go through each stage of market entry, help them make better decisions and reduce investment risks.

Performance Improvement

We help our clients identify opportunities for improvement and then work with clients to implement the improvements. As a result, we help clients achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness.



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TBSC at a Glance

TBSC Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm located in Tbilisi, Georgia. TBSC helps organizations make better strategic and tactical decisions by performing detailed analysis needed to support those decisions. Hence our tagline: Better Decisions Through Analysis.

The steady increase in the scope of our services, clients and projects demonstrates the high value of our advisory services to local and international clients.

Over the past ten years, TBSC has helped nearly 100 organizations to make better decisions including the largest Georgian banks, highly diversified Georgian companies, foreign investors, international financial institutions, the Government of Georgia, diplomatic missions, donors and non-governmental organizations.

Most Of Our Work Is Analysis Based.

This means that we provide advice and guidance based on the real situation. We combine facts and sound business judgment. We develop methods to obtain needed data, analyze data and test hypotheses to understand what it means and then formulate our recommendations accordingly.

We are equally facile with statistical analyses as with financial analyses. Recently we used sophisticated statistical methods to analyze a data set of wages among industrial companies in Georgia. Clients use the results to determine wage rates. For Millennium Challenge Georgia, TBSC Consulting and its partners quantitatively estimated the micro- and macro-economic impact of five water systems using several hundred performance metrics.

In Over 40 Percent Of Projects We Use Methods That Are New To Georgia.

Our consultants have great experience with a wide range of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods. For example, for MCG, TBSC Consulting and its partners applied the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model approach for the first time in Georgia. In addition, we introduced to Georgia modern ways of doing wage surveys and industry benchmarking studies. We are able to do this because of our experience (we have seen most things before, both the problems and the solutions), we are small and nimble (we always develop customized solutions) and because we are naturally curious and excited about doing things the right and modern way.

Our Projects Are Often Very Complex To Manage.

TBSC Consulting consultants have managed the overall and day-to-day work in projects with burn rates over one million USD per year. This includes simultaneously working with a great number of stakeholders (i.e., ten-plus companies at a time) and large numbers of implementers (i.e., staff size over 50 people). Our work for MCG was particularly complex because it combines several analytic methods in a way never done before either in Georgia or elsewhere. At the same time, we managed a consortium of three companies with distinct specialization (including academics and statisticians).


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TBSC applied significant experience from other projects and industries to our specific problem.”
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