We help foreign and local companies enter and expand in the Georgian market. We also help local companies enter foreign markets. Starting from investment assessment to project management, we help clients go through each stage of market entry, help them make better decisions and reduce investment risks.

Through our strategic alliance with Larive Group, we have access to about 26 markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia. Together with Larive International, we work on linking Georgian and Dutch companies for joint investments, technology and know-how transfer and sales.

Our work in Market Entry & Expansion can be divided into the following services:

Market Analysis

Expanding to a new market/niche is a major decision to make. Interesting business opportunities can be found in many places, especially when it comes to emerging markets. However, these opportunities are quite often linked to various business risks and inefficiencies. Therefore, thorough analysis of business opportunities is the key to success in new endeavors.

TBSC Consulting helps clients assess these business opportunities by providing thorough analysis of the markets and niches. Whether it is understanding of the industry, trends and growth opportunities or studying the competition, pricing and supply chain, TBSC provides insight into various aspects of the markets to enable clients make more informed and thus less risky decisions.

Our expertise and experience allows us to provide analysis of various industries, markets and players in Georgia. At the same time, through our wide network of partner offices around the world, we provide insights into various markets in Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and Africa for Georgian clients.

Please contact us to learn more about our practice in Market Analysis at TengizL@TBSC.ge

Feasibility studies and business plans

Once a market is analyzed, the partner is found and the business concept is defined, more detailed business planning is required. Investment needs to be preceded with careful analysis and planning on various ends of the business. On the market side, the investor needs to define customer segments, estimate and forecast revenue, set pricing policy, elaborate ways to gain a competitive edge and set target market share. On the management side, the investor needs to construct a strong management team with relevant experience. Most important, only detailed estimation of operating and investment costs as well as revenues enables investor to make the right decision on whether or not to invest in a particular endeavor.

TBSC takes a thorough approach in preparing feasibility Studies and Business Plans. This means that we analyze the market, investment and cost sides in great details and then draw the overall picture on a general level. We do not make guesses but rather rely on facts and statistics to draw conclusions. This makes the analysis and final picture credible and defensible in front of clients, investors or other stakeholders.

In addition, we help companies obtain modern technology and know-how from foreign experts and thus construct feasibility studies. Most industries in Georgia lack modern technologies and experience and thus knowledge transfer from developed market is crucial in building successful business. TBSC helps Georgian clients connect to the right experts in various fields and with the consortium of Georgian and Dutch experts work on Feasibility Studies. These are typically 2explore projects, financed by the Dutch government to facilitate transfer of Dutch technology to developing countries.

Please contact to learn more about our practice in Feasibility Studies and Business Plans at TengizL@TBSC.ge

Commercial due-diligence

Quite often an expansion strategy entails equity investment in a particular company, which is a complex and important decision to make. While the target company may seem the “best” choice at first glance, it may not necessarily be true when looking deeper at details. Equity investment is a long term decision and it is critical that the investor chooses a market with growth potential and a company with sound management team and a competitive edge.

By conducting Commercial Due-Diligence, TBSC helps companies evaluate the target investment from various angles. We look at the market and industry trends to forecast the growth potential. We also study the target company in great details looking at their core capabilities, competitive edge and competitiveness in the long term. Finally, we diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the management team and identify opportunities for improvement.

Please contact us to learn more about our practice in Commercial Due-Diligence at TengizL@TBSC.ge

Industry and company economics

In an ideal situation one would understand industry and company economics before making a market entry or expansion decision. This understanding would include knowing how costs and revenues really behave in the market. Unfortunately, applying rules of thumb from other markets often leads to incorrect decisions because cost behavior is different or the fundamental basis of competition is different.

TBSC Consulting helps its clients make better informed decisions through a genuine understanding of industry and company economics for a specific industry and (potential) company. For example, will the client’s costs really be equal or below those of competitors? Will the client be able to change the basis of competition from being source of supply constrained to customer satisfaction constrained?

TBSC Consulting combines thorough understanding of industries with an economic bent on behalf of a wide range of clients. Clients include potential investors and existing companies. In all cases we develop knowledge about the industry, the economic forces acting in the industry and then compare those forces to the client’s capabilities. About half the time we conclude the economics are simply not good. We recommend either to not make the investment or to do it differently.

If you are considering investing or expanding in Georgia please speak with us about the economics of your particular industry and company. Often we will have observations at hand based on our ten years of work in Georgia on these types of issues in many industries. Sometimes we will need to develop a customized project for you.

Please contact us at PaulC@TBSC.ge

Financing and subsidies

Financing is a critical point in business development and very few companies can afford investments solely with their own funds. Obtaining external financing is not an easy task, especially when it comes to emerging markets. However, properly prepared investment proposals and applications can significantly increase the chances of obtaining funds. Over the past years, we have seen many interesting business concepts but unfortunately have seen them fail in attracting financing due to poor elaboration and packaging by the promoter.

TBSC helps clients in packaging business concepts into attractive investments. This is done through thorough analysis of various data and often comes in the form of Investment Proposals, Presentations or Applications. Furthermore, we often present the investment case to potential financial investors on behalf of clients and work with the investors to clarify details, answer follow-up questions and construct further business plans.

We help Dutch-Georgian joint-ventures in obtaining PSI subsidies from the Dutch government. We also help clients obtain financing form Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC. Other sources of financing include international financial institutions such as EBRD and FMO, as well as private investors.

Please contact us to learn more about our practice in Financing And Subsidies at TengizL@TBSC.ge

Project implementation

Entrants to new markets are often confronted with various challenges that occur from differences in culture, language and business practices, but mostly due to being new and foreign to the place. What may be difficult for them, can be very easy and simple for local professionals. Therefore, on-the-ground assistance during the implementation phase is very important to make sure that the project is running smoothly, productively, on time and on budget.

TBSC Consulting helps new entrants to the Georgian market by executing various projects. The work includes but is not limited to identifying and contracting the right parties, designing and announcing tenders, facilitating work with obtaining licenses and permits, equipping office and scheduling meetings. It entails everything that enables clients focus on their core business while we worry about various projects, tasks or details for them.

We also help Georgian clients in project implementation when they go abroad to other markets. We do this through our wide network of partner companies ensuring that the Georgian clients are productive and efficient in their new markets by providing various project implementation services.

Please contact us to learn more about our practice in Project Implementation at TengizL@TBSC.ge

Trade investment missions (TIM)

Usual practice of organization of Trade and Investment Missions and similar type events was that too much emphasis was made on the presentations and greetings from the side of state officials or sponsor industry representatives and less emphasis was made on real objective of the event – maximize number of relevant contacts within the limited period of time. Such an arrangement led to the perception of the participants about the event as largely unproductive.

TBSC Consulting has developed its approach to organization Trade and Investment missions that maximizes the productivity of the participants in terms of the useful and relevant contacts during the mission and ultimately to the satisfaction of the Client (the one who commissions the event). In difference to standard approach to Trade and Investment Missions, our service puts emphasis on B2B meetings. The two major objectives we pursue with this regard are the number and relevance of the B2B meetings.

TBSC Consulting has developed step-by-step approach to plan a Trade and Investment Mission. We undertake carefully preplanned steps to ensure success on each of them. First we plan and research the participants to understand the delegates’ requirements. Benefits of B2B meetings are maximized when we thoroughly understand what visitors and delegates expect. Then we find and qualify suitable local companies, profile and match them with the foreign delegates. The third stage is to organize the actual logistics of the meetings and supervise the process. The final step is to survey the participants and evaluate the results.

To summarize, the advantages of the TBSC Trade and Investment Service are:

  • It empathizes the B2B part of the event and is oriented at more tangible outcomes (e.g. deals, agreement on repeated visits)
  • It offers perfect match between business interest of delegates and profiles of  local companies
  • It provides opportunity to research the counterpart company in advance and be informed and more prepared at B2B meeting
  • It is efficiently planned in terms of logistics and support services
  • It is oriented at maximum productivity of the delegates and satisfaction of the client