TBSC Consulting Is Hiring You!

Your 40-Year Very High Income Decision

As a soon-to-be university graduate, you are starting out on your 40-year long professional career. The steps you take now will have long-term benefits for your professional career. Or they will not.

The decision of your first post-graduate professional job will affect your life-long professional development in Georgia and the World more than you can possibly imagine. If you aspire to excel in the World, then read on.

TBSC offers you an opportunity to start your career at light-speed at world-class levels. These are not empty marketing words. Consider the actual experiences of our alumni:

  • We are small (five consultants) and we hire only two new consultants each year
  • However, in each of the past five years year we have sent one consultant (half of each staff cohort) on a well-financed one- or two-year international Masters program
  • Our staff and alumni receive Master’s degrees from top foreign universities such as Stanford, Chicago Booth, London Business School, Georgetown University, University of Arizona and University of Washington
  • After their graduate studies, these alumni typically choose where they wish to work (e.g., Seattle, London, Dubai), in prestigious positions (e.g., CFO) for the best employers (e.g., EBRD, Amazon, private equity funds)
  • Starting salaries for these alumni after graduation are 70 000 USD per year, and salaries after three or four years are in six figures
  • Each year Georgia and international programs finance twenty or so students to study overseas (e.g., Fulbright)
  • Our staff and alumni who study overseas represents more than five percent of all such grantees; that is, 1 out of 20 grant recipients come from TBSC; this is an astounding record since our consulting staff is only five people
  • Our success in launching staff into world-class careers is apparent
  • To the end:
    • If you understand the importance of your first job in preparing you for your entire career and …
    • If you wish to start your career in the strongest way possible…
    • If you aspire to study in universities like the ones listed above,
    • If you want an employer who will make it happen for you
    • Then you should speak with us!

Our selection criteria are very stringent, but if you qualify and are hired, then your career will take off like a rocket. You WANT this job, so invest an hour in learning more.

TBSC at a Glance

TBSC Consulting (TBSC.ge) is a boutique management consulting firm located in Tbilisi, Georgia. TBSC helps organizations make better strategic and tactical decisions by performing detailed analysis needed to support those decisions. Hence our tagline: Better Decisions Through Analysis.

Over the past 15 years, TBSC has helped hundreds of organizations make better decisions including the largest Georgian banks, highly diversified Georgian companies, foreign investors, international financial institutions, the Government of Georgia, diplomatic missions, donors and non-governmental organizations. We have an active pro-bono program.

Our reputation for the best work with the best people is unmatched. We are very selective about the work we undertake and the people we hire. Most of our projects are by referral, often for repeat clients. We are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Our low-key but high-standard approach is reflected in our web-site (TBSC.ge); we do not rely on flash to market ourselves. We may not be particularly well known generally, but those who know us rate us very highly.

Employee benefits include good health insurance, phone service, corporate retreats, international team and a supportive environment oriented on professional growth of every employee.

Our entry-level position is Analyst. Analysts perform data collection, analysis, writing and reporting for quite a variety of consulting projects. We say that when you join us you are well educated but a lump of clay (i.e., you know how to do almost nothing). When you leave us you are well educated and your will be very well developed. That is, you will know how to do many things well, and more importantly, you will have great experience to describe to others on your cv or graduate school applications.


  • Applicants should be fourth year business or engineering (STEM) students (Class of 2017)
  • Applicants should be fluent in written and spoken English; all interviews and work are in English
  • Applicants should be in the top 5 percent of your class in terms of academic performance; please indicate your GPA and estimated class-rank when you contact us

Contact Information

If you are one of the best, truly exceptional, then please contact our Director Paul Clark at TomorrowsLeaders.PaulC@TBSC.ge or call him at +995 599-10-43-47.

Nino Kipshidze