Low productivity and poor quality milk are major problems in primary milk supply. This is caused by unproductive local breed, poor feed management, poor cow welfare and unsatisfactory sanitary conditions of milking and storage, poor animal health and absence of properly organized value chain. Respectively, there are good business opportunities in development of primary milk production in Georgia. Margebeli JSC, a leading food and beverage producer in Georgia uniting market leaders such as Marneuli Food Factory and Nabeglavi, decided to benefit from unexploited opportunities and contribute to the development of primary milk production in Georgia. The holding was planning to invest in the first large modern dairy farm in Georgia. TBSC Consulting assisted Margebeli in business planning and produced a comprehensive Business Plan. The document demonstrates high demand for local fresh raw milk in Georgia and most importantly assesses viability of investing in large-scale professional dairy farm in Georgia. The Business Plan was used by Margebeli with investors to attract additional financing. At the same time, the document will be used by Margebeli team to plan the business development correctly from the very beginning. The work soon resulted in a major investment in primary milk production in Georgia and contributed to the development of the dairy supply chain.

Nino Kipshidze