TBSC Consulting was selected to implement pilot activities in specific regions of Georgia, in the framework of the regional program “Improving Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in the European Neighbourhood Policy East Countries and Russia” (ENPI FLEG), by IUCN.
TBSC partnered with a Georgian environmental non-governmental organization CENN and did four pilot projects, in two regions of Georgia (Sagarejo and Borjomi). Within the scope of these pilot projects, TBSC identified the local capacity to develop small businesses, which will use the limited forest resources sustainably. The team assisted these local businesses on every step of the production chain, including identifying sound business ideas, providing trainings on sustainable utilization of forestry resources, production, identifying distribution channels and so forth. Through these pilot projects TBSC and CENN built the local capacity to manage a small business in these two pilot regions, which will ensure the utilization of forest resources in a sustainable way.

Nino Kipshidze