Poultry Meat Commercial Due Diligence (December 2018 – February 2019)

EBRD was considering financing a poultry sector operator in Georgia. As part of the project assessment, it was necessary to carry out the commercial due diligence to understand whether the sector in Georgia had a potential and the market was ready for expansion of the local production. EBRD was also interested to see the competitiveness of the operator and commercial feasibility of its plans. TBSC was commissioned to provide the answers to those strategic questions. TBSC analyzed demand and supply outlook for poultry meat in Georgia, analyzed key demand and supply drivers, estimated overall size of the market and forecasted overall market development based on international benchmarks. In the end, TBSC derived conclusions about market feasibility of the project. TBSC also developed a customized analysis of the drivers of the poultry demand and supply and provided 7-year forecast. Finally, we looked at the brand equity of the operator’s brand and the sources of its competitiveness and assessed its capacity for long-term growth.

Nino Kipshidze