The World Bank has made a 70 million USD loan to the Government to finance infrastructure elements of the Regional Development Strategy (2009 – 2014) with assistance from UNDP. As part of that project, the PSIA was undertaken to evaluate the likely impact of increased investment in tourism infrastructure and products on vulnerable social groups in the poorest communities in Kakheti and inform the design of pro-poor tourism development policy instruments and regulations.
Given this objective, TBSC designed a research methodology, selected four Target communities in Kakheti and conducted intensive data collection work including desk research, fieldwork and in-depth interviews with local government representatives and other stakeholders. TBSC used pro-poor tourism expert from a UK university for the project.
TBSC identified number of opportunities and developed recommendations to increase the benefit received by the poor from tourism development in Kakheti, which were tested in a number of Focus Group Discussions and Participatory Scenario Workshops. Results were used to shape policy recommendations on capacity building and community level participation.

Nino Kipshidze