Assistance to Modern Skills for Better Jobs Sector Development Programme (2020)

The ADB was launching the ‘Modern Skills for Better Jobs Sector Development Programme’ from 2021, which aims at improving the quality and relevance of VET in priority economic sectors to ensure it is aligned with evolving labour market needs. To prepare the program, ADB recruited consulting firm AARC LTD in 2019, which subcontracted TBSC Consulting to: a) Deliver national consultancy support – hiring national consultants for the purposes of the mentioned project, who provide the work according to the ADB Terms of Reference; b) Provide project assistance – closely coordinating all administrative and logistical arrangements with the project team and government agencies and provide feedback on the process and deliverables to ensure delivery of quality outputs for the TA that meet the required standard of quality and is within the specified constraints of time and cost; c) Act as a financial intermediary – make payments on behalf of AARC for local logistical support.

Nino Kipshidze