Feasibility and Business Plan for a Hotel and Resort in Tbilisi (May 2016 – July 2016)

Hotel business is at a booming stage in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi. However, not all ideas or concepts of a hotel make economic sense. The Client wanted to understand the feasibility of the three-star hotel in Tbilisi. TBSC conducted analysis of the hotel market in Georgia and various hotel segments, developed comparison benchmark study of CEE markets and draw conclusions about future development of equilibrium ADRs and occupancy rates. TBSC used specially matrix to identify the niche segments in the hotel market. TBSC also developed a concept of the hotel (stars, service offers, amenities) and advised the client about best location of such a concept hotel. TBSC also evaluated suitability of several properties technically and commercially for such a concept. Finally, TBSC developed a comprehensive financial model and analyzed sensitivities of various options – concepts/amenities/location for the hotel and analyzed return of the project for its investors.

Nino Kipshidze