High quality fresh pork is very popular in Georgia. Domestic supply is quite limited due to the absence of modern pig farms, poor knowledge of swine husbandry among farmers and unsanitary practices throughout the supply chain. During the first phase of project, TBSC prepared the investment plan/proposal for the Georgian partner. During the second phase, TBSC together with Larive Netherlands found the most suitable Dutch partner and assisted Georgian side with negotiating the structure of JV. TBSC Consulting acted as an intermediary between the Georgian partner and a Dutch pig farmer. The two partners were to invest jointly. The Dutch farmer would provide knowhow; the Georgian side would be willing students and eventually would manage the business. TBSC Consulting identified the partners and facilitated discussions between them. TBSC then prepared a comprehensive business plan. The document demonstrates high demand for local fresh pork in Georgia and most importantly assesses viability of investing in large-scale professional pig farm in Georgia.

Nino Kipshidze