Research Of Georgian Event Management And Wine Tourism Market for Chateau Mukhrani. (2011)

Chateau Mukrani is a leading wine producer in Georgia. At the winery, the Chateau is renovating a historical castle of a Georgian royal family and turning it into a high-standard event center and wine-tourism destination. As part of its planning and capital expenditure budgeting processes, the Chateau needed a credible estimate of demand for various services that might be offered at the renovated castle such as wine tours and business meetings. TBSC was retained to collect needed data and then make a credible demand forecast that could be presented to the Board. Tasks performed by TBSC included designing and filling out the demand forecast model. The supply side of the market was interviewed by TBSC, while for demand side, we subcontracted ACT. Based on the survey instrument developed by TBSC, ACT conducted interviews with about 130 large Georgian companies, international organizations, diplomatic missions and other potential clients for Chateau. The data was analyzed and we arrived at the estimated demand for Chateau over the forecast period. Prices were then added to forecast overall revenue. Results were presented in a number of discussion documents that will be provided directly to the Chateau’s Board as they consider various planning and budgeting options. TBSC also made a number of recommendations on how the Chateau should manage the creation and rollout of different services.

Nino Kipshidze