STUDY OF INVESTOR.GE AND ITS VALUE TO MEMBERS.(2014) is a leading English-language business magazine in Georgia. It is published by AmCham Georgia and is circulated among prominent businesses, Embassies and AmCham members. The AmCham Board wished to understand the value of the magazine to members. The Board also wanted to refine the mission and purpose of the magazine, increase readership and improve its overall appeal to members and readers. TBSC conducted a focused study of the opinions of AmCham members about the magazine through a series of focus group discussions and an online quantitative survey. Based on those facts, TBSC developed a comprehensive picture of member satisfaction and readership. This included insight into opinions of members about the magazine and appreciation of the value the magazine brings to them. Conclusions also defined the areas for further improvement. The Board and the magazine’s editorial board is using these results to further improve the value and appeal of the magazine. The Project was implemented through support provided by Eurasia Partnership Foundation through the program “Civic Initiative for Independent Judiciary”. The program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the EWMI.

Nino Kipshidze