Project included two parts and Mr. Bill Samnon, an American wine buyer, was TBSC partner in this Project. The first part was done on TBSC account. TBSC researched the Georgian wines sold in the U.S. and the research included traveling. A group of ten Georgian wineries were identified and TBSC shipped 40 different wines to the U.S. Mr. Samnon was responsible for distributing the wines for testing. TBSC identifies the wines that were suitable for the American taste as well as the likely price points for all of those wines. TBSC developed a Georgian wine market penetration strategy for the U.S. but pursuing the strategy was beyond the financial capabilities of the Company. Yet, at the time, TBSC understood what the Georgian companies are doing nowadays. The second part of Project was done for Georgian National Investment Agency (GNIA) and it was concerned with reverse wine-tasting. TBSC discussed the first part with GNIA and then brought 20 American wines for Georgian wine-makers to taste. The purpose was for Georgian producers to better understand what the taste in wine is like in the U.S.

Nino Kipshidze